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Whilst data revealed that Google services were responsible for a mere 6 percent of all internet traffic in North America back in 2010, a new report from Deepfield has detailed that average traffic has now increased to  an enormous 25 percent. When one considers that their proportionate bandwidth usage is larger than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined, this is a record certainly worth shouting about. So why have they not been?


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The analytics group reported that in excess of 60 percent of internet users currently exchange traffic with Google servers at least once over the course of a day (fig. 1), by viewing funny cat videos on YouTube or looking up information about that weird rash via their search engine amongst a multitude of other things. Anonymised data used in the analysis was received not only from computers, mobiles and tablets, but games consoles, media appliances and other devices to boot.

It comes as no surprise to mention that the corporation has been huge for some time, though little focus has been paid to their prevalence in the development of the Internet’s infrastructure and economy. In their report, Deepfield note that “Google analytics, hosting, and advertising play some type of role in over half of all large web services or sites today based on our ongoing study.” The company has also had thousands of Google Global Cache servers distributed to the majority of Internet service providers.

The one organisation to near Google‘s ongoing success is Netflix, which only manages to peak at certain times of the day for a few hours at a time whilst Google servers see much more consistent bandwidth usage. Close but no cigar, although cake and party hats should be in order.

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