Guacamelee!Gamespot has reported that DrinkBox Studios action platformer Guacamelee! will be getting it’s second helping of costume DLC, ‘El Diablo’s Domain’ which is available on the PlayStation network right now!

Priced at $2.99/£2.00/€2.50 the DLC contains 17 ‘trial stages’ which will put you to the test forcing you to use every skill that you’ve learned whilst playing the game. In order to actually unlock the costume DLC you’ll have to complete these levels, who doesn’t like a challenge, eh?

The three new costumes for Juan and Tostada, once you’ve unlocked them, are the El Portero costume, the Alebrije costume, and the hardest one to acquire, El Diablo’s formal attire.

Along with the costumes you’ll also get a brand new area to explore called El Infierno which is of course spanish for “the inferno”.

Gamespot’s video above shows you some examples of the 17 stages and how you must complete them in order to unlock the costumes.

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