Half Life 3 Confirmed?

Half Life 3 Confirmed? - n3rdabl3

Update: Speaking to CVG Valve has now debunked this “confirmation” as “bogus”.

Original Story: After 6 years of speculation, rumour, and running joke, Half Life 3 may actually be confirmed. The news comes from Quake command and Half Life 1 and 2 level designer John Guthrie who has confirmed to NoShitShurlock that Half Life Episode 3 is in development… Is this real life?

Apparently coming to PC, current generation and next generation consoles Half Life Episode 3 should recieve it’s first trailer after E3 2014. The announcement which can be found here states that the website and Guthrie have been emailing for some time before he spoke about Half Life 3.

“I can’t confirm all too much since the development is still in early stages, but for now I can confirm that we are going to release on both current and next generation consoles and we will also release the game on our own platform exclusively for PC and Mac. We hope to have the first trailer ready for E3 2014, which we (after several times not attending) will finally come back to”

In terms of gameplay all we know is that it’s a single player only game, no co-operative play or multiplayer modes. The game will feature many of the same main characters from Half Life 2 and “the story continues where it left off”.

Right now, I’m not sure. I’d love to believe it, I really, really would, but I just can’t. There’s been too much hype for it to just fall out of someone’s arse like this. I’m sitting in the background on this until I can get some hard evidence that this is truly happening.

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  • RadioactiveLobster

    April 1st was 114 days ago.

    • I know! I had to check the date as I was writing it. I do find this very hard to believe, so I’m keeping safe distance for when this eventually blows back in my face.. haha.

  • Darrell Darrell

    The fact they charged the prices they did for the episodes which were short ripping people off and then nothing for 6 years for ep3 only a hidden room in portal2 where the borliealis was kept. I myself could care less if they make it or not anymore. 6 years is to much of a time span. And new gamers will need to play the other games to know whats going on in ep3 which also isn’t going to happen. All they care about is money and being greedy. I hope their HQ explodes and they all die.

    • Nelluq

      I presume (because you’re saying this) that you don’t use Steam?

    • WTFDood

      You hope they die… because they didn’t release a video game fast enough? Wow. What a douche.

    • Kenny Lomas

      What a deuche indeed.

  • Yea…

    NoShitShurlock sounds like a truly good source!

  • Geraint

    I’ve lost a lot of interest in this series, sadly. I also worry about how much FPS have moved on since HL2, and if Vavle can actually move Half-Life’s gameplay along.

    • Roreh

      Move Half-Life’s gameplay along? I sure hope not. New age shooters suck.

  • Greybeard Chieftain

    I don’t understand why Valve insists on treating one of the most beloved FPS franchises in existence like its the Bubonic Plague, to the point where they literally deny its existence constantly. It doesn’t even seem like some farcical promotion tool, as though they sincerely have lost interest in their own product. GMAN, WHEN WILL IT BE TIME TO RISE AND SHINE AGAIN!


      It’s a brilliant marketing scheme. Just so you know, Valve does not deny it’s existence – they merely choose to not talk about it very often. As you can see, this silence builds up frustration and hype – when the game is finally announced, or even just teased, the internet and the rest of the fanbase will explode with excitement. The game will do its own marketing. Of course, the game will have to live up to the hype generated after six years, and go above and beyond, but we’re talking about Valve here; they’ve proven they can make a damn good game time and time again. But I do agree with the times ambiguous sources claim – 2014 and 2015, with the arrival of the next generation, makes it an optimal time for Valve to release Half-Life 3, and Source 2 along with it. It makes a lot of logical sense.

  • Anonamouse

    This article has apparently been debunked by Valve, yet you leave it up to troll Half-Life fans. Good job.