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HALO 4 LogoThe Halo 4 Global Championship is live as of today! Qualifiers start today (7/15/2013) and run through the end of this week.

Want in? Head here for registration information.

Over the course of the next five weeks, gamers will shoot, stick, and tea-bag their way through the global tournament in pursuit of reaching the finals in Seattle on August 31st. Win the final? You get 200K (USD). Then tell mom how she was wrong about video games not taking you anywhere in life.

Players will be competing over a slew of cash for the top 8 finishers, and even weekly prizes ranging from free games, to avatar prizes. Racking up points football (soccer for my American readers) style. 8 points for a first place finish, 7 for second, and so on. Those competing will be pitted against one another in a free-for-all eight player violence-fest, compounding the even tougher fact that a minimum of 20 matches must be played per week in varying game modes. An average score will be tabulated from the total number of accumulated points divided by the number of matches played each week and scores posted on the leaderboard.

Game type this week for qualifiers? Infinity Rumble…by the way, it’s day one and some players on there have already played over 50 matches, so get going.

Good luck Spartans.

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