HTC One Mini FrontThe HTC One mini is the latest addition to the Taiwanese manufacturer’s line up of 2013, providing some of the best bits of the company’s flagship HTC One, in a smaller yet equally stylish package.

As expected the company has had to make some cutbacks to ensure its latest offering is more appealing to consumers on a budget. However industry commentator Gareth Beavis told gadget website TechRadar that he believes that the One mini has “all the bits it needs to be a winner”.

Complete with HTC’s BlinkFeed homescreen and UltraPixel camera technology including the intuitive HTC Zoe editing feature, there is no doubt that HTC has crammed a great deal of innovation into its new mid-range device.

The Taiwanese phone maker is clearly looking to capitalise on the success of the HTC One, and finding opportunities in the mid-range market to appeal to an even wider user base is guaranteed to help strengthen the brand across the globe.

HTC One Mini Back Camera Detail

But there’s concern from some industry experts that the One mini’s success could be to the detriment of the HTC One. Analyst Malik Saadi, of Informa Telecoms, said: “Its specifications and the price it is offered at means that there is no doubt HTC One mini will be a success for HTC, but this success will come at the expense of its flagship product.”

Quality not quantity

The HTC One made it to 583 networks in 181 countries and it is hoped that the One mini will cover the same ground, from the Orange mobile network in the UK to US operator AT&T. However Saadi added that, “sales of the HTC One mini need to be twice as high as those of HTC One” if the company wants to “improve the profitability of its brand”.

This isn’t the first time that a manufacturer has introduced a smaller handset to accompany its flagship of 2013. Earlier this year Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 Mini, a smaller counterpart to the record-breaking Galaxy S4.

However, not so long ago HTC admitted that it wants to focus on quality not quantity, so whether it continues to create various iterations of its HTC One, remains to be seen.

HTC One Mini Front Lower EdgeJudging by the reactions so far it seems the One mini has all the signs of a successful handset; not only does it look great but under the hood it has some premium features, which in a market bursting with mid-range handsets can only be a good thing for sales and the brand alike.

It is expected that the One mini will launch in select markets in August before rolling out globally in September, where it will go up against a heap of other cheap phone deals. In the meantime why not check out the One mini in action by watching our hands-on video above.

This guest post was written by Sarah Hazelwood of Phones 4u, the number one destination for all the latest smartphones.

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