1000761_500956963314383_1855854694_nAfter all of the hype surrounding Call of Duty: Ghosts featuring a dog as a protagonist in it’s self it seems like the guys at Rockstar want to jump on the hype train. According to Japanese video game magazine Famitsu in GTA V you can customise your dog.

In GTA V your dogs name is Chop, you can customise the little fella with different colours, collars and other exciting accessories. Apparently there’s also the danger of losing Chop, whether that’s a part of the game play or just down to careless ignorance, you better keep him on a tight leash – heheh, get it? Presumably the dog will belong to Franklin* as he’s the only character that’s ever seen with Chop in the promo images.

Either way GTA V is set to be a pretty freaking awesome game. Famitsu also threw some more information at us such as each of the three characters have a unique walk animation, at least one underwater mission, and over 15 wild animals for you to deal with.

[Source: Destructoid]

*Whoopsie, I wrote Trevor, not Franklin. I’m bad with names..

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The Dog belongs to Franklin, not Trevor. Just a friendly reminder

Aaron Richardson

Gah! My bad! Thanks.. :D


I want to be able to take resbonsability with chop e.g give him food and water etc