The wildly popular photo sharing site Instagram recently introduced the ability to record and share video and though it was good, some users were frustrated at the inability to share or embed their images/videos onto their websites or blogs.

Before now trying to share your Instagram image on different websites or blogs has become a bit of a daunting task, it either involved taking a screenshot of the image and cropping it to size, or it involved some other workaround, when it came to video’s it was almost impossible to share that too without having to cross post it to every network you’re a part of at the same time.

Instagram are now rolling out a new embed feature where users can grab some code and place their video onto any website – finally.

The only real issue I can see with this is that anyone, anyone at all, can essentially share your Instagram pictures and video’s wherever the hell they like, something which as I mentioned above was relatively difficult unless you were really desperate.

This is something that personally doesn’t bother me, if you want to post a picture of my derpy dog on your blog or website then go for it, in fact just take her, she’s mental.. I can see that this might be an issue for those who like to keep their pictures to themselves and unfortunately it’s all or nothing – though if your Instagram is private and people need to request to follow you then if someone chooses to embed your images/videos the only people who will be able to see them are those that follow you are are logged into the platform.

The reason why Instagram have opened this window into our Instagram worlds? It’s simple; Vine allows users to embed their video’s elsewhere and as Instagrams main competitor when it comes to video they not only have to better Vine (by making their video’s 15 seconds long) they have to also match Vine so they don’t lose users.

With no opt-out feature it does leave some people’s accounts quite vulnerable, so my only advice is to make your Instagram account private if you have embarrassing photos on there that you don’t want every man and his dog to see.

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