Iron man armours

Iron man armoursIron Man has a lot of armours. But there are a lot of bad guys out their and that one size fits all armour can’t always win the day.

Cue armours like the Hulkbuster armour, a huge suit designed for battle the Hulk.

So here’s a couple ideas I had for armours Iron Man could have a use for.

1. Martial Arts armour- Stark is not Batman, OK Captain America has taught him some to hand combat but he’s not Bruce Wayne.

There are a lot of villains out there who know there Kung Fu from there Kung Pow chicken, like the ninjas of the Hand assassins group. So a suit which could help enhance Starks ability to pull of spin kicks and more complex martial arts moves could be helpful.

2. Time Machine armour– I think it’s a rule of thumb that time machines have to be a little weird. Police boxes, niche 80s cars and giant robot dinosaurs. If you can’t guess the last one, it was from Power Rangers Time Force.

There goes my promise for not mentioning Power Rangers for at least another six months.

One of the Avengers main stay villains Kang, is a time traveller and he has a thing for divide and conquer. Over time the Avengers have acquired bits of tech he’s left behind so maybe a time machine could come in handy if an Avenger was kidnapped ?

3. Basics armour– One of the main themes with Iron Man is the fact that technology isn’t flawless. A lot of stories revolve Iron Mans suits becoming compromised because of how advanced they are. Maybe a suit similar to that the grey mark 1 suit would come in handy against a hyper advanced technology villain ?

4. Mr Fantastic Armour- How cool would it be if Tony Stark somehow built an armour which could replicate the abilities of Reed Richards elastic body abilities.

5. Spider-man armour- To respond to the dislike of Spider-Ock why doesn’t Tony Stark build a suit of armour which mimics Spider-mans powers and have a second go at cloning Peter Parker and make everyone happy again ?

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