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I think I spent probably 15 minutes on that title… Be gentle with me.

Revolver ShootingJane Wilde, probably the most bad-ass chick in the whole of the Wild West. She does’t play games when it comes to shooting monsters in the face, which is funny because she is a game. Have you ever thought to yourself – I wish I was a female in the Wild West fighting various monsters and evil creatures. Well if you answered yes you’re in for a treat with Jane Wilde. Available on iOS and Android everyone should grab their revolvers and set out on Jane’s adventure.

The game starts with Jane being approached by a creepy looking guy, telling her that the undead have risen again and that he was told Jane would be the person to take care of that. Jane rides to the Graveyard in question and so starts the game. This is an awesome side-scroller full of action and explosions. It’s a Rootin’ Tootin’ Undead Shootin’ Rip Roarin’  Adventure.

Train Mayhem...Trainhem.
Train Mayhem…Trainhem.

The game has five different levels, varying from Graveyards to Swamps as well as a moving Train. Jane Wilde is originally equipped with two deadly revolvers where early on in the game you’ll find to be devastating to the enemy. But as you progress you’re going to have to need a better arsenal – Shotgun, Gatling Gun, Bow and Arrow and the explosive Fish Gun all upgradeable with the gold you collect from dispatching of the undead and finishing levels. Levels also have special objectives to give you a star rating on each level, the usual objectives are to not loose a certain amount of health, collect a certain amount of gold and finish in a certain time. Sometimes the best option if you struggle to get three stars is to continue and come back later once you’ve gotten enough gold to upgrade those guns and just rip through the enemies.

At the end of each chapter there is a Boss to defeat, once that is done a weaker version of that boss will appear in future levels meaning that things can get chaotic really quickly. As well as upgrading the weapons, you can upgrade Jane Wilde with power ups that will randomly appear from killed enemies. Move and shoot faster, make Jane three times more deadly as well as many more. These power ups will prove key to finishing levels in certain times as getting through what appears to be a wall of enemies can be impossible.

Jane in the SnowThe game also has a hard mode for the deadliest of shooters, and let me tell you It is difficult. It adds a whole new feeling to the game, because it’s so hard to do. As well as a Hard mode, there is Survival where you pick a play area and then face an endless wave of enemies. Which again gives the game another lease of life, once all the stars are collected for each level what better way to celebrate than see how long you can go with Jane…

If you want to try this awesome side scroller for yourself you can get Jane Wilde for iOS by clicking the link and for Android here. Wait what, it’s free!

If you’ve played this Wilde game let me know what you think in the comments below.

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