Nintendo have been dealt more bad news on the Wii U front as one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, ASDA, announce that they intend to stop stocking the console.

It has been revealed that Asda will stop stocking the Wii U at its 555 retail outlets. Along with consoles games and accessories will stop making an appearance in ASDA stores across the country.

The suspension of stock on Nintendo’s latest console comes after Asda were one of the first retailers to implement a price cut on the console to shift units amid disappointing sales figures.

A second price cut from the large retailer was not enough to save the Wii U, which joins it’s handheld companion, the 3DS, as being dropped by ASDA. The handheld device has been dropped from Asda’s online services, however stock can still be purchased where available in store.

This is the same treatment Wii U games and accessories have received, as these aspects of the console are still offered through Asda Direct, but not in Asda shops directly.

Asda’s decision to drop such a significant amount of business for Nintendo follows the revelation that the supermarket did not stock Wii U’s latest release, the popular Pikmin 3, which did actually sell well, debuting at number two, across all platforms, in the UK charts.

More sales figures that make ASDA’s decision more perplexing is the fact the 3DS is outselling the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in both the UK and the US, all the while 3DS software sales remain stronger than the competition’s.

The news will be another headache for the bosses of the Japanese gaming corporation, as the Wii U’s poor showing on the sales front has recently led to numerous major producers having doubts over their console, Ubisoft have delayed the release of one exclusive, Square Enix have released Wii U exclusives onto more consoles and EA have restricted a major sports brand from releasing on the Wii U.

If there is a massive change in the Wii U’s fortune then of course ASDA may reverse their decision and the console may yet fill the shelves of the supermarket, however as it stands storm clouds are certainly gathering over the console.

[Source: CVG]

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