iphone-5c-packagingOver the past few months we’ve had endless rumours pointing to Apple releasing a version of the iPhone that’s “cheaper” a “mini” version if you will. We’ve seen supposed specs of the cheap device that’s meant to have a more plastic body which comes in a variety colours much like the iPod Touch, and we’ve seen a handful of leaked images of the rumoured coloured plastic casing.

The latest leak this time points to the rumoured cheaper iPhones packaging. Something which resembles the packaging we’ve come to expect the iPod Touch to come in, but not the iPhone.

The supposed leaked image comes from Chinese blog WeiPhone. It doesn’t show much but a bunch of empty plastic shells in a box of some kind. The thing that everyone’s wetting themselves over is the writing on the empty plastic shells “iPhone 5C”. No one has confirmed or denied whether this image is legitimate so we all could be getting excited about some knock off packaging, but if it is real we could finally know what the rumoured cheaper iPhone is going to be called.

More rumours point to Apple revealing the iPhone 5S this September/October, something we’ve come to expect from the California company so this could also be the time they reveal the iPhone 5C which could perhaps stand for “colour”.

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[Source: 9to5Mac]

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