Limbo is hands down my favourite indie game, I fell in love with it’s black and white dreamy charm back  in 2011 and now 3 years on from it’s release on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2010 iOS users can help the nameless boy find his sister in the critically acclaimed 2D sidescroller.

The game from Playdead easily makes the transition to the touch controlled device, in a post on the site Peter Buchardt said:

A while back we decided to try to get LIMBO running on the “iDevices”… When we had it up and running, we were amazed by how well the game looked on the smaller screens, and decided to go all the way, even though we knew that nailing the “ultimate” touch based controls would be a serious drag and that optimizing the performance all over again would take a while, but here we are ready to launch, and we must admit that everyone at the studio are blown by the work the small port team has done with this version(and thanks to our numerous playtesters!).

You can find Limbo on the app store for  £2.99, the game will run on a iPad 2 and higher, iPad mini, iPhone 4s and higher and latest gen iPod touch.

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