Lords of Football

Lords-of-Football-logoUnique football management game, Lords of Football, has announced a special promotional weekend in which players can grab the football lifestyle simulator for £9.99. The “Royal discount” runs until Sunday the 28th July and football fans and gamers alike have until midnight to grab the PC game at the slashed price.

Normally the game, which is a hilarious and fresh approach to the football management genre, would cost £24.99, so if you’re a gamer who enjoys football management style games then it is well worth grabbing Lord of Football now while the price is low.

The game, whose strap line is “Their Lives, Your Choice”, offers users the opportunity to manage every aspect of a team, around the clock. From training, which has just been expanded through the “super training” DLC, to matches and beyond, which is the unique angle for this game.

Instead of just managing areas around the club players can control aspect of their team outside of football, giving the opportunity to control the nightlife, the relationships and the free time of players.

In this sense the game appears as a cross between Sims and Football Manager, indeed it looks to have the similar humour and sense of hilarity that features in many Sims games.

The sale ends soon, so if you want a Football Manager game that takes some of the seriousness out of the game and are looking for a more laid back approach to football gaming then grab Lords of Football for the discounted price of £9.99, or for more information on the game, click here

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