MechWarrior Online has been available to play for almost a year now, but technically it hasn’t been released yet. If you’re as confused as I am then let me try and explain. Though Piranha Games free-to-play title MechWarrior Online has been available and fully functional since it became available last October it’s not actually a fully released version – I guess you could call it a prolonged open beta? Either way it’s official ‘release’ or Version 1.0 is scheduled to launch on September 17.

MechWarrior Online is a free-to-play mech warrior first person shooter. Similar to Hawken the game pits players who control giant BattleMechs against each other in epic battles to the death. Quite confusingly the game itself is a real-time game where each day in the real world is a real day within the game – how this affects the game, I don’t know, I have yet to play it, but it sounds awesome right?

You can currently sign up and play the game right now. So if you feel like kicking ass MechWarrior style head to their website here.

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