xbox one ps4

xbox one ps4

The battle lines for the next round of next gen information have been drawn as Microsoft and Sony have both announced press conferences for the Xbox One and PS4 respectively, with the German city of Cologne being the host for the events.

Announcements about the next gen consoles will be made by Sony and Microsoft on the eve of the Gamescom expo next month, with both of the companies announcing that their pitches will be held on August 20.

It will mark the European debuts for the Xbox One and the PS4 and it is expected that both of the gaming giants will confirm a whole host of vital information regarding their flagship products.

In Microsoft’s corner it is expected that the Xbox One will receive a more solid release date than the “November 2013” that has been hinted at thus far. The hour-long conference that media companies have been invited to attend has also been rumoured to offer some clarification on policies regarding the Xbox One, following the confusion over the confusion since E3.

In what looks to be a big conference for the American corporation it also appears that they will reveal more about their plans to allow indie developers to self publish their games, a move which could even the playing field between the Xbox and the Playsation, as the latter announced similar plans back in its launch event earlier this year.

This will be Microsoft’s first ever press conference at Gamescom, on the other hand its rival Sony is a regular fixture at the German games expo, which in its self is still in infancy.

From the Japanese corporation the details of the press conference are slightly less forthcoming, as of yet the only real information available about the PS4 press event will be a more concrete release date than the “Holiday 2013” that currently circles the console.

One thing that consumers will be expecting from both companies will be firmer details on the titles that will be available on launch day, which is always a good selling point for each console, and could be considered as a contributing factor for gamers to decide where their allegiance lies.

Other big gaming names, such as Nintendo, will also be attending the event, which will be held between August 21 and August 25.

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