DashboardAs of July 5th, Major Nelson has let the Xbox 360 community know, via his blog, that Microsoft is letting Xbox Live members sign up for the 2013 update beta. The post was put up at 2:00 AM PDT and says that users that get into the beta will be able to try out a new commerce system that phases out Microsoft Points in favor of actual currency. The update will even improve overall performance to existing Xbox 360 features. What those features are are left out of the original post, which leaves a little mystery here.

According to Major Nelson, this beta will be handled differently in the sign-up process then previous betas, saying that you can access the sign-up page right from your “[Xbox] 360 console to streamline the experience.”  The spots in the beta are also limited, and they will close once they have filled up all spots for the beta. To ultimately join though, you have to go to the tile with “Xbox Beta Program” on it.

The use, which is you guys, also has to agree to a NDA. For those of you that have never been in a beta before, or don’t know what an NDA is, it is an agreement that you will not talk about the new system update outside of the companies private forums, which you will gain access to when you get accepted into the 2013 update beta. For any questions that arise, Microsoft has put up a FAQ for you guys, so your questions, well, most of them, will get answered there.

This is Travis, signing off!

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yes i have the update but nothing new on here look same !