surfaceAccording to listings of Microsoft’s Surface tablets on their own online store and several reports online, Microsoft have slashed prices of their Surface by around 30% all over the world.

Microsoft has lowered the price of their 32GB Surface RT from £399 to £279 as well as their 64GB model from £479 to £359. The keyboard cover bundles have also been slashed with prices starting from £359 for the 32GB model with the Black Touch Cover. Sadly the Surface Pro hasn’t been lowered at all and remains at £799.

According to some reports, sales of the Surface haven’t been as high as Microsoft would have liked in their first Financial Quarter so we’re seeing this as an attempt to boost sales which personally I don’t think will help. £279 is appealing, but for that price I could also buy a fairly decent laptop.

[Source: The Verge]

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