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July has been super quiet on the app front, nothing has really caught my eye, I have found myself downloading a few from the Play store and deleting them almost immediately, entertain me dammit!

Here’s a few that have stuck around on my phone this month.

whisper1) Whisper

For anyone familiar with Post Secrets this will look familiar, you can nosey through peoples secrets, make a virtually anonymous account and make your own ‘whispers’ as well as reply to other peoples. The majority are funny and “oh gawd, I do that too” inducing. The down side to this app however, you sometimes get the feeling some peoples secrets are taken directly from Reddit, whilst others are cringingly attention seeking. It is a lot of fun having access into the minds of other internet users, if you’re brave you can select ‘nearby’ and see what people near you are thinking. Navigating your way around is simple and a large plus sign is always accessible making it easy for you to add your own secret, you can take a photo or search the web via the app for one that suits your whisper, you can also choose one from your gallery.

Whisper is available on iTunes and the Google Play store and is free.

cat wang2) Cat Wang

Not what it sounds like, Cat Wang is the easiest way to see what your friends and family would look like if they were a cat, hey even see what your cat would look like with another cat’s head on it’s body, the possibilities are endless. Take a picture or use one from your gallery, click and the cat face in the middle and enjoy. You have access to two free packs full of hilarious cat faces while other packs cost $0.99 (£0.63) to unlock. Once you’ve created your cat faced masterpiece save it to your images and share it with the world or at least the person you gave a new face, it’d be rude not to.

Cat Wang is available on iTunes and the Google Play store and is free.

qwop app3) QWOP

I wrote about QWOP in more depth earlier this month and since then it’s accompanied me on almost every toilet break, it’s ridiculous frustrating but can I put it down, no!  I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing on anything other than the 100m sprint and even then a personal best of 4.73m isn’t really an accomplishment. I’m pleasantly surprised about how well it translates from PC to mobile, I think I may even prefer the mobile version if only for the fact that I can save a few more seconds by using the tilt feature.

QWOP is available on iTunes and the Google Play store for £0.69.

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