At first Motorola sent out invites to an event which it set to take place on Thursday August the 1st which at first seemed very secret, no stage, no crowds, just several intimate press sessions with information embargoed until 3pm that day. That was until they sent out an entirely new press invite which says quite the opposite.

The oft leaked Moto X is set to get a full reveal to the press on the 1st of August in what seems to be less of a press event but more of a party with the media sessions starting at 8pm and lasts until 1am. Apparently according to the invite there will be entertainment from the likes of DJ Kaskade, M4SONIC, Thank You X, and Chef Marc Forgione to name a few.

The most exciting thing about the invite is the little white Moto X spotted in the top left of the image, because parties are so overrated right?

Keep an eye on n3rdabl3 for future updates surrounding the Moto X press event on August 1.

[Source: SlashGear]

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