If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter or even on Tumblr you’ll have seen a few events. Something slightly new and as regular as an Olympic Athlete on a high fibre diet. We here at n3rdabl3 have started doing a funny little thing called streaming on a daily basis. Follow this brief message there is a schedule, this is what we will be streaming for this week for your viewing pleasure.

Note: All of these times are in the UK during British Summer Time (BST)

5:00-6:00          10:30-12:00ish
Monday             Heavy Rain      Minecraft Noobie Time
Tuesday            Serious Sam 3       Dishonored
Wednesday     See Below       See Below
Thursday          Killzone 3           Chivalry
Friday                Halo 4                 Monaco

On Wednesday there may not be an evening stream but instead expect a 4 hour stream beginning at 11:00am of…well we aren’t totally sure yet. Maybe Skyrim, maybe Don’t Starve, maybe even RAGE. What do you think? Answers in the comments below or fire them at us on Twitter/Facebook.

Also over the weekend the streams will be:

11:30-13:00        11:00-12:00
Saturday        Crysis 3         Primal Carnage
Sunday           State of Decay     Torchlight II

If you want to give any of them a watch head of over to our Twitch channel . We play the game and answer any questions or queries you may have in the chat too! Come along for a social streaming experience brought to you by us here at n3rdabl3.

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