newnamcotitleNamco Bandai’s “New Title” site has updated again revealing two Japanese words in replacement of the “V” and the “F” previously teased.

With less than 24 hours to go until we find out what Namco Bandai’s “New Title” may be, the site has again revealed a tiny bit more information in the form of Japanese words/phrases which when translated reveal the words “V Jump” and “NES” – to titles fans of Nintendo may be familiar with.

Upon further investigation, V Jump is a Japanese magazine about new manga and video games based on popular manga which began circulation in 1993 making 2013 it’s 20th anniversary. NES, well isn’t that obvious, that’s Nintendo’s first console the Nintendo Entertainment System which happens to have launched in 1983 making 2013 it’s 30th anniversary.

I’m not entirely sure what this could mean other than perhaps the new game has something to do with Manga, and is perhaps a re-boot of another NES title. perhaps the full games reveal will be featured in the next issue of V Jump?

Stay tuned for the full reveal tomorrow.

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