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PlayStation 3 owners are in for a treat in the form of an extended campaign mode for SEGA and Gearbox Software’s, I want to say hit but hate lying, so I’ll just say game – Aliens: Colonial Marines. The DLC seems to be title ‘Stasis Interrupted’ and will have 10 trophies to be unlocked.

Alien leapYou may remember my review of Aliens, where I was less than impressed by the whole thing. But for fans of the game you can expect this to be the last of the DLC that Colonial Marines will see. The trophies seem to be story progression based as well as having to find the Audio Logs hidden within the levels. The actual release date of the DLC is unknown but you can expect it soon.

Some interesting sounding trophies include: ‘We Are Leaving! – Survive the Queen escape’ and ‘I Don’t Got All Day – Sever the umbilical cord without missing a shot’. You can find a full list of the remaining trophies here.

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Source – Joystiq


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