motoShigeru Miyamoto, the guy we have to thank for Mario and Zelda has told the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu that he’s working on a new franchise, the only problem is, he wont say what it is. Dammit.

Miyamoto has confirmed that he’s been “pretty busy” with a new mystery title in the latest issue of Famitsu. In a translation courtesy of Kotaku Miyamoto was asked about the Wii U’s upcoming line-up, he replied:

“With the recent version upgrade [of the Wii U], we’ve worked on the system side of things and we’re planning on further system tweaks ahead, but even as is, [the Wii U] has become a useful item for the living room. However, it’s pointless to talk about other features, no matter how fulfilling, without releasing games of our own, so we hope you’ll look forward to the games to come. Next Spring, with the release of Mario Kart 8, we’ll have a general selection available, so I’ve been thinking it would be a good time to bring out a new franchise.”

When asked to comment on this mystery franchise a little further he replied:

“I can’t say too much in detail right now, but I’ve been pretty busy with this title these days.”

With that being said it’ll be quite exciting to see what new franchise Nintendo come up with, apparently it’ll not only be a new character, but an entirely new game with an entirely new gameplay style, something unique not just a new character doing the same thing. Something which I think Nintendo have been doing a lot of in recent times.

The Wii U is a great console, but with franchises just churning out the same type of game it’d difficult to get excited about something that almost does the same thing as it’s predecessor and the one before that. The GamePad was a start, but it doesn’t add anything overly unique to the console, it just feels a lot like a larger Nintendo DS for your TV.

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