InstagramInstagram has fast become one of the main photo sharing apps for Android and iOS which has often left Windows Phone and BlackBerry users red in the face not knowing when the app will be coming to their device. Well BB and WP users might not be too happy to hear that Instagram isn’t coming to BlackBerry or Windows Phone “any time soon”.

In an interview with Fast Company, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom he mentions that they’re intentionally taking their time with the WP and BB apps.

I’m not saying those will come anytime soon. I’m just saying that in order of priority, the way we evaluate where to expand to is really simply where our users are, and where the growth is. It took us a very long time to get to Android.

It took around a year and a half for Instagram to come to Android so if that’s anything to go by Windows Phone and BlackBerry users have a long wait on their hands. Here’s one little spark of hope though, the app will be coming to Windows Phone and BlackBerry before it comes to Google Glass, I mean, that’s something, right?

[Source: FastCompany]

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No Halo Spartan Assault coming to iPhone or Android ever.