Killzone Mercenary

Plenty of gamers know what it means to be accepted as part of a closed beta experience. Plenty can also recall the heartache of a denied application and the unsubstantiated grumblings of “sod you guys” that occasionally follows. For Killzone fans lucky enough to own a Vita, it’s time to cross many a finger (and toe, if possible) and bombard Guerilla Games with applications for Killzone: Mercenary‘s multiplayer closed beta. Timing is key as applications close tomorrow – Wednesday 17th July at 2:00pm PDT (that’s 10:00pm GMT for us Brits). A successful registration does not automatically guarantee any one player a definite spot. At least a ‘first -come, first-served’ basis can be ruled out. Links for US and EU applicants can be found at the end of this article.

Killzone Mercenary

Details about the beta itself are quite scarce, but developers have revealed that players will be able to equip a range of armour for improved tactical prowess as well as customise load-out slots for weapons and specialised items. For a slightly more in-depth description check out the US PlayStation Blog article. Guerilla have also hastened to mention that Beta Keys from the PS Home E3 Event “will not work” for this process; players will need to sign up regardless, so keep them handy as more information about their usage in relation to the game is set to be revealed shortly.

Here’s hoping any remaining open slots aren’t snapped up too quickly. Hold onto your hats, kids!

Closed Beta Registration [US]

Closed Beta Registration [EU]

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