Power Rangers news imagePublishing company Papercutz have announced it will be continuing its line of comics for children with a new addition of it’s Power Ranger line at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will follow the adventures of the original incarnation of the long running franchise.

Early images have included original villain Rita Repulsa and the original 5 rangers (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink) and the White Ranger.

The comic takes footage and story inspiration from long running Japanese TV show Super Sentai. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers itself will focus in the exploits of a group of teenagers with attitude battling against evil space alien Rita Repulsa from taking over the world.

“Will all of the volumes take place within the events of the original TV series? Maybe. Maybe not… If we were to have stories that didn’t take place within the events of the original series, how would we do so? How’s that for a tease!” Petranek told MTV Geek.

Currently the franchise is preparing for it’s 20th Anniversary with a season dedicated to bringing back former teams in one big battle against evil.

Papercutz have slated the first volume’s for release in May 2014.

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