ouya and controllerThe OUYA is slowly but surely making it’s way to the hands of early adopters and some retailers so we can begin to get a good idea on how well the tiny console has been doing. Over the past few days some developers have revealed their sales figures for their games on the new console and they’re not that impressive considering the hype that surrounded the Android based console.

One developer that everyone seems to be focusing on is Matt Thorson, the guy behind TowerFall one of the more premium games available on the OUYA store at $15 a pop. TowerFall is an OUYA exclusive and has made it’s mark on the OUYA store being considered a “hit”.

Speaking to Edge Thorson said:

“We’ve made about 2000 sales so far at $15 each, so sales have been surprisingly high for a new game on a new console. The game has definitely proven itself on Ouya, I think there’s enough demand to warrant bringing it to PC.”

Thornson also went on to say that he’s pleased with the response gamers and critics have been giving the game and sales of TowerFall have been “better than expected”.

According to the Edge article other developers that have already made it pretty big on Android and iOS aren’t having such a huge success with Tiny Tower creators NimbleBit earning only $427 from in-app-purchases made in their Nimble Quest game. Talking to Edge NimbleBits David Marsh said:

“We released it on OUYA simply because we were using Unity and it was pretty much a snap to port it,” he added. “So it was a fun thing to do, as well as a test of our cross-platform framework.”

It might seem a little dismal for those of you hoping to score big on consoles like the OUYA but Marsh couldn’t recommend getting a game on the OUYA enough!

“I would wholeheartedly recommend the OUYA to indie devs that have an existing pipeline to Android and are interested in what the OUYA does. It’s probably not going to be a huge source of income compared to other platforms, but it’s dead easy to submit a game and get it into the store.”

Numbers may be disappointing but developers seem to be pleased with the way things are going with the OUYA, in all fairness it’s only really been available to early adopters for a few months with retailers currently shifting stock as quick as they receive it. A lot of consoles are “out in the wild” as Thornson puts it, so it’s difficult to really judge the consoles success this early on.

[Source: EDGE]

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