Xbox One I’ve made a huge mistake

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It really looks like Microsoft and it’s upcoming console, the Xbox One, can not catch a break from the gaming community as a petition has been started on calling for another u-turn from Microsoft on Xbox One policies.

This is a bit of a tiring story but in case you’ve been living under a rock I’ll quickly re-cap the Xbox One debacle, I hope no one suffers from dizziness.

Every time Xbox One was initially mentioned it was coupled with more rumours than a football transfer window and many of the rumours included some features that seemed to restrict the Xbox One more than promote the console.

Among the rumours were Xbox One needing to always be connected to the internet to run and DRM restrictions that meant that the age old tradition of lending a game to a buddy would become pretty much impossibile and buying games second hand would incur an extra fee when they were fired up on the console.

These policies were put to a whole host of Microsoft employees and there seemed to be complete disarray within the ranks, there was no clear message about the rumours or whether they were true, until Microsoft’s Xbox reveal event in May in which Microsoft confirmed that Xbox One would have DRM restrictions and would need to connect to the internet at least once per day.

That is when the internet and the gaming community went into melt down, there was a nuclear fallout from the official confirmation of these policies. Sony were laughing as they watched their pre-order numbers for the PS4 rise and pre-orders for the Xbox One stall.

This caused a policy u-turn from Microsoft, they announced that the unpopular decisions that received the most flak from the community, mainly the DRM and always online policies, would be scrapped.

That is not the end of this story however, Microsoft may have felt that they positioned themselves in the gaming communities good books with their policy reversal, after all they can’t be the big bad gaming company if they listen to feedback from the community right?

Well unfortunately not, as it appears that not everyone is happy with the policy reversal and want Microsoft to go back again and return the original policies, it looks as though Microsoft are learning the hard way that in such an opinionated community you can not please everyone.
Xbox One I've made a huge mistake
The backlash from the policy reversal has manifested itself through online petition website and is calling for Microsoft to “give us back the Xbox One we were promised at E3”.

A title that sums up the position of the petition, the call from supporters is for Microsoft to bring back their controversial policies, as they feel that they were positive features that would herald in the future of gaming.

This is an interesting, and certainly fresh, take on the mess that the Xbox One has become. The petition praises the policies that so many disliked and were angered by, the creator of the petition claims that Xbox One was set to herald in a new era of gaming but consumers were uninformed.

It may be a controversial point to claim that the reason for the internet backlash was a uninformed public instead of flawed policies themselves. Indeed the PR team at Microsoft were not great at explaining the policies and what they meant in a wider sense, in fact the entire Xbox team avoided any serious questioning over reasoning behind the policies, which may have caused a lack of understanding in the community.

The petition has gained some traction and is at around 11,500 at the time of writing, so it is clear there are those that were in favour of the Xbox One as it was first presented.

Despite this I would be surprised if the petition was successful as another policy u-turn would be seriously harmful to Microsoft, they received criticism for seeming spineless for changing in the first place, ironically this was from those that were calling for changes in the first place. Undergoing another u-turn would make the company seem totally at odds and ends and could cause the Xbox One to be on the receiving end of even more jokes.

To see the petition click here, and trust me when I say it’s worth visiting just for the comments section.

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ben ob1
ben ob1

I think they need to be careful that its not a load of ps4 lovers trying to stop Xbox one b4 it starts by doing this to make the sit on the fencers go over to PlayStation instead if the DRM gets put back on. Not being funny though no ones internet runs flawlessly so u need to be able to play offline too, why don’t they make it an option instead.