pixwooWith the likes of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Tumblr I wondered if there was any need for another social network – that’s one of the things I thought when I heard about Pixwoo a new(ish) social network completely dedicated to gaming that’s making a considerable footprint in the UK.

Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are perfect for what they are. Twitter is a short form microblogging site that really has no order, you can post what you want to your followers and people can search for things based on hashtags, but ultimately people must want to pay attention to you specifically in order for what you write to make any real impact. The same goes for Facebook except it’s a very closed platform where you need to have “friends” in order for people to see what you’ve written.

If you’re really into gaming, Facebook and Twitter aren’t really the place to post all of your latest achievements or even your thoughts on the game’s you’ve been playing, that’s where Pixwoo comes in. Pixwoo is a website dedicated to gaming. Primarily a French gaming social network, it launched globally a little over a year ago, it gives you the usual social network features such as updating your status, becoming a fan of certain games, and following your favourite publishers but the likely hood of you getting involved with a community of like-minded gamers is definitely higher than on Facebook or Twitter.

pixwoo screenPixwoo allows you to construct your own personal network of friends, games, and industry legends so you can stay on top of the latest news and updates. You’ll also be able to find new friends based on shared interests in certain games, platforms or even genres. All aspects of gaming is covered from pro to hardcore to casual, and retro gaming to next-gen – Pixwoo has it covered.

The website is only the half of it. Today Pixwoo announced the official UK launch of their brand new mobile app on both iOS and Android. It actually had a sort of “soft” launch last Monday but now the app has had a bunch of new updates and is also having an official launch today.

I spoke with PixwooCEO Pascal Vielhescaze about the launch of the mobile app.

“Mobile activity has grown like hell in the past twelve months… The more we were working on the mobile design, features and environments the more we started to understand that mobile is definitely in Pixwoo’s DNA, because when it comes to sharing on video games, whatever you want to share, whether it’s a screenshot, a score, or something you’ve just experienced, you want to share it right now, wherever you are, wherever it is.

We launched the app in France a week ago and we got quite a lot of new members, something around 33,000 new French members and they’re using it in a very different way. First they’re using Pixwoo 20 times more on the mobile than on the website, I think the obvious first reason is because you have your mobile on you.”

So the app has officially launched in the UK today, It contains almost all the functionality that the website offers so if you’re looking for a place to share thoughts on your favourite video games, I’d definitely recommend signing up to Pixwoo and downloading the app for Android and iOS once your profile is all set up. Once you’ve done that be sure to follow n3rdabl3.co.uk on Pixwoo too!

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