There was a bit of confusion when it comes to how much recording the PS4 and Xbox One will do during gameplay. Well now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

During a discussion at Comic-Con in San Diego this year, Microsoft’s Studio Director, Kenn Lobb, detailed the exact amount while demoing the Xbox One version of Killer Instinct. Lobb stated that “The idea is you are always recording” and that the idea is nicknamed “Project Upload”. With that, the last five minutes of any game you are playing will be stored on your hard drive. Lobb also informed gamer’s that, “Say you’re playing online and you just did the best thing ever – you can’t pause as you’re playing online,” Lobb continued. “You can say ‘Xbox, record that’ and it’ll grab the last 30 seconds of gameplay for you to play around with later.” After you have edited the footage that the Xbox has captured, you can then share the video over social media websites.

Now its time to go over what the PS4 can do, when it comes to the recording time.

Neil Brown, head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s R&D group, caused a little bit of confusion when he informed people that the Playstation 4 uses a dedicated hardware encoder to continually record the last “several minutes” of gameplay footage. The claim was misheard when that statement was made. There was confusion thinking that the console would record the last seven minutes of gameplay. Other websites were stating several minutes. Finally, a spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment Group Europe, stated that it will continually record 15 minutes of gameplay data. The PS4 can then upload the video footage to social media websites via the Share button on the Dual Shock 4 controller, of course after the video has been edited and cropped to the gamer’s specs.

So it looks like Sony’s Playstation 4 takes the cake when it comes to the recording times on the gameplay.

So all in all, will this change gamer’s choice in which console they will buy? I do not think so. The recording option is a great idea, and I believe it will go over well with the gamer’s. But to say that this could be the definitive choice when it comes to which console they choose, will defiantly not be the case. Cost of each console, I believe, will have something to do with which one they purchase, along with what release titles that will hit the shelves for each console. Then there is the fanboys for each console. I’m talking those hard core fans of each one.

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