Have you ever played Pokémon and though to yourself, “Hey, I would absolutely love to be able to play this like an action game rather than a strategy”? I know I have, and thankfully I now can, and so can you, with Pokémon Generations!

The game is currently available for free on IndieDB and it currently allows you to play a trainer and walk around a small area, all cell-shaded in a style that really fits withe the Pokémon television program. At the time of writing you can catch and use 6 different Pokémon, this includes throwing Pokéballs to catch them and controlling your Pokémon of choice in battle.

Pokémon each have 4 attacks, think your standard starting attacks in the games, with a couple themed to each creature. They have both HP and stamina bards and the combat is quite entertaining.

Right now it feels mostly like a tech demo, but it is worth playing, and certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Check it out at the IndieDB Page

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