I think we’ve all heard of or seen what Razer do, and I think we can agree they do it pretty well. But the companies founder Min-Liang Tan has opened up about his feeling towards Sony’s PS3 and why Razer don’t make accessories for the PlayStation.

Razer Boss Unimpressed With PS3 - n3rdabl3Razer’s main man took to twitter to express his thoughts and in a series of tweets touched on why the company didn’t provide anything to the PlayStation market. The top and bottom of it is that Min-Liang doesn’t play his PS3 so doesn’t make accessories for them, “I design stuff I actually want as a gamer rather than sell stuff to gamers for money”. In my eyes that’s pretty commendable. It may be a little frustrating to PS3 owners but there are plenty of other respectable manufactures out there that can help you with your accessory needs.

Although Min-Liang expressed a lack of playtime on the PlayStation he did mention that he would be dusting (literally) it off to play some The Last of Us.

Razer are noted to have a full range of accessories for PC, Mac and Xbox in the form of Mouse’s, Keyboards, Controllers and Headsets. But nothing for the PS3. If you own a PlayStation 3 have you ever wished of owning some amazing Razer equipment?

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