nidhoggThe retro sword fighting game Nidhogg is a little like a solar eclipse, it exists but has only really makes an appearance every so often (mostly if you come across a Winnitron game cabinet). This year at the EVO fighting championships that eclipse happened, but this time a more polished version was on show. Could an actual release be imminent? has reported that while at EVO  they spotted the illusive Nidhogg, the retro 8-bit style game which pits two different coloured fencers against one another in an attempt to reach their respected sides of the castle. However this time it wasn’t the version everyone was used to.

The post on read:

“I was joyed to see the game had been under construction all this time, showcasing the largest update yet. After talking with Mark Essen and Kristy Norindr at the event, I learned of some of the exciting things in store for the game’s upcoming release, as well.”

Whilst speaking with the developer Mark Essen, aka Messho, he confirmed that Nidhogg is slated for release some time this year, not only that he hopes it’ll be on Steam. What makes things even better there’s been word that a multiplayer mode may be included so you can take your sword and stab and swoosh online with a friend.

More on this as it develops.

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