rovioIn early May we reported that Rovio was rolling out accounts across it’s Angry Birds and Croods game. In the announcement it was only available in Poland and Finland but last week Rovio announced that it’s rolling out Wordwide now.

Most of us have more than one device nowadays, chances are we also have the same game across multiple devices, some already offer cross device play, but most of Rovio’s games didn’t which meant progress on Angry Birds on your iPad wouldn’t be the same progress on your Samsung Galaxy S IV. This is all being put to an end, now Rovio have announced that their rolling out Rovio Accounts across all platforms worldwide. Woop Woop!

Rovio also said this about the Rovio Accounts roll out progress:

For now, Rovio Account is available on the original Angry Birds game, as well as The Croods. The next step is for us to roll this out onto other Angry Birds and non Angry Birds titles, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

You can sign up for a Rovio account right now if you open up Angry Birds or The Croods!

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