The Galaxy Note is a fantastic device, it’s part tablet and part phone hybrid make’s not only practical but it’s bundled S-Pen makes taking a quick message a breeze. We’ve heard a ton of rumours as to what the Galaxy Note 3 may look like as well as rumoured specs, all of that you can find here. The latest rumour now points to the Galaxy Note 3 coming in 4 different models.

Rumoured to be announced at at or around IFA in Berlin this September, the Galaxy Note 3 is going to be the third phone to be released in Samsung’s “Note” category. According to a recent report the Galaxy Note 3 is rumoured to come in 4 different models, what this could mean varies.

On one hand we could have a Galaxy S IV type release with the international Note 3 coming with the Exynos processor and the US model to come with a Snapdragon 800 and each of those come in either 32 or 64GB. On the other hand we could also have a variety of different types such as a Note 3 Active, a Note 3 Zoom, and a Note 3 Mini..

It may seem a bit much, but I’ve come to expect Samsung to release several different “spin-offs” of their latest handsets. Your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

[Image Source: IntoMobile]

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