appsOn July 10, 2008 the Apple App Store opened it’s doors for users to download various different apps and games. At the time I’m sore none of us expected the App Store to become as big as it has today, hell, I didn’t even think the iPhone would get this big, but it did. In celebration of the App Stores 5th birthday a bunch of what seem to be the greatest apps ever for iOS are going for free!

The free apps apply to both iPhone and iPad so if you do have both it’s worth checking if the app is available.

The sale isn’t official yet, but people are finding more and more apps as they search, such as Tiny Wings (iPhone / iPad), Badland (iPhone / iPad), Traktor DJ (iPhone / iPad), Knots 3D (Universal).

Kotaku has also found this list which categorises everything found so far. We’ll keep you posted as soon as the sale goes officially live.

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