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deus ex fallLast week it came to light that users who purchased Deus Ex: The Fall on a jailbroken iDevice found that when they tried to shoot, a crucial part of the game, a pop up message prevented them going so because they had a jailbroken device. Preseumably Square Enix implemented this “feature” in order to stop piracy but in turn it also affected genuine gamers who had purchased the game legitimately. They had since promised to remove this feature and a new update does just that along with a few other tweaks.

Yesterday a patch was released which removed the popup message allowing all users to play the game as they would with a non-jailbroken device. The patch also includes improvements of the enemy AI as well as increases XP rewards and the amount of credits earned throughout the game. The patch improves weapons too including damage and accuracy of the Combat Rifle, increases Shotgun damage, and reduces some weapon costs, including the high-end Plasma Rifles and Rocket Launchers.

Deus Ex is available to download right now for £4.99 and is compatible with iPad 3 or better, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and above, and iPod Touch 5 and above.

[Source: Joystiq]

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