Curve Studios are the masters of creating great games and being stealthy bastards and making me rage. I mean that as a complement though.

You may remember they released a title last year by the name of Stealth Bastard for the PC. Well today we see the release of the more ‘friendly’ named Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark for PS3 and PS Vita.

At the core the gameplay for Stealth Inc is a platform game with puzzles, enemies and a lot of dying. You take control of an unnamed clone in a location that fits perfectly with the game style. With a range of challenging, yet fun stages that see you putting your clone through his passes. Levels see you going through a case of get to the terminals, hack them and then make your way to the door. All as quick as you can with dying as little as possible. The game is however a case of trial and error make like it’s PC counter part.

Stealth Inc: A clone in the dark

You might be thinking ‘What does the PS3/Vita release offer that the PC doesn’t?. Well that is a good question but one that is answered from the moment you start playing. Firstly, take note of the games cross buy feature. Allowing you to enjoy both Vita and PS3 from one purchase including cloud saves. Additionally say “hello” to some of the nicest controls you’re going to get to use. Remember when Super Meat Boy on PC told you to use a controller? Stealth Inc is much the same but in a way that results in a smoother and more accurate gameplay.

Controls are not the only thing to get a much smoother touch to them. The game has has a visual update to bring a more 2.5D feel to the world. With improved lighting, pixels and much more the game looks stunning on both the TV and the Vita screens. The updates lights always add more depth to the stealth element of the game where you find yourself hiding in the shadows to avoid cameras and enemies. All of which runs with no drops in frames and a loading time that is unnoticeable. Take into account the leaderboards, and built in level editor, unlockables and much more Stealth Inc really deliveries a full package.

Yet with all those good things why do I rather to Curve as bastards? Simple. Stealth Inc is still just as hard as Stealth Bastard and really can drive you insane. In a good way of course. Though the games puzzle do take some time to get use to the controls mean that the game is never unfair. Trail and error is a key part and you will die a lot until you unlock some of the gadgets but note that it is always your own fault. The game gives you time to slowly get use to each element and is paced just right. That still doesn’t mean that it doesn’t throw a curve ball now and again leaving you making rookie mistakes. Again though, it’s not unfair. It’s challenging and puts you through your paces which is great.

One of the features I really enjoy however is the included level editor. It give you the freedom to create your own insane test rooms and have a go at them yourself or let a friend play. Though there doesn’t seem to be a way to share them online I’m sure Curve will add the feature soon.

Stealth Inc: A clone in the dark

Offering a lot of humor, rewarding levels and just an overall fun experience set within a visually stunning world. Stealth Inc: A clone in the dark is a must have a game for anyone with a PS3 and Vita. Though yes I fail from time to time at this game and get a bit raged this isn’t a bad mark on the game. As a matter of fact it makes me try harder and keep going and always results in enjoyment and a great sense of joy when I beat the next level.

Stealth Inc: A clone in the dark is brilliant. There isn’t any other way to word it really. It’s a game that if you haven’t played you need to get it and if you have played it, buy it again so you can enjoy the complete Stealth Inc package. I can’t suggestion this game enough. Pick it up on PSN today for PS3 and Vita.

For more Stealth Inc related goodness, check out Curve Studios.

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