steam saleDay 3 of the sales has given us PC gamers even more reason to spend our hard earn pennies on video games as a new batch of tasty treats has been handed in our direction. Here’s my top 5 bargains for today:

tr sale

1. Tomb Raider- This game didn’t come out that long ago, and even if you were to walk into a video game store you wouldn’t see it
priced at £7.49, even in the pre-owned section. This game was met with hugely positive reviews, and for that low price and a reputation that is through the roof, I’d recommend this for anyone’s Steam library. Check out our review!

2. Sniper Elite V2: Nazi Zombie Army- We saw Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 in the sale yesterday, and now we’ve got another sniper rifle based game, but this time we’re thrown into the second world war… but with zombies. Think a 3rd person game entirely based on Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies, but with a 3rd person perspective, sniper rifles and a bullet time that is more than rewarding. I’ve played Sniper Elite V2, and the game is a good bit of fun, add zombies to it, and it’s surely bound to add to the entertainment of precision marksmanship (but with zombies… that’s really important).

These three games were in the flash sale at time of writing and have since changed, so look at what you could have bought!

bf sale3. Battlefield Bad Company 2- I’ve racked up at least 300 hours on the console version, and I can assure you that for
just £4.49 that enjoyability is likely to transfer onto the PC. This game not only has a compelling and hilarious campaign (you can thank Sweetwater and Haggert for that), but also a multiplayer that’s still uber-amazing despite having Battlefield 3 available. This game has charm and a playability factor that only Battlefield games possess, and this is a fantastic purchase.

la sale4. L.A Noir- This made its way into the top 5 today simply because of it’s reputation. This game was praised on release, and if 1920’s detective work is your kind of thing, then for £4.99 I’d say jump on it. This game is on sale with price cut of 75%, so this is a deal you might not want to miss.

5. Hitman Absolution- This game was released less than a year ago, so for just £4.99 you can still pick up a gaming experience that people are still talking about. With a huge different array of ways of killing your targets, to sneaking around the environments in some of the most ridiculous disguises (the chicken suit springs to mind), there’s a lot to be had in this game, and the Summer Sale’s the perfect place to try it out.

Be sure to vote in the community choice (todays games include Antichamber, Universe Sandbox and Incredipede) and have the chance to see one of your favourite games included in tomorrow’s sale, and make sure to check back in with n3rdabl3 tomorrow for another top 5 in a new batch of sales.

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