steam saleDay 4 of the sales has burnt further holes in the wallets of PC gamers as games continue to become available for minimal prices. Here’s my top 5 for today:

ksp sale

1. Kerbal Space Program- Ever wanted to go to the moon? Well in this game you can build a rocket like you’ve always dreamt of and fly
it to the moon and beyond! You can also build jet planes, satellites and a whole variety of wacky vehicles as a way of discovering the solar system. A relatively new game available for £10.79, 40% less than the original cost, this is a game that not only forces your creative hand, but makes you responsible for some of the more hilarious reactions to your builds.

2. The Sims 3- The  Sims 3 and all of its expansion packs are on sale with a 50% discount, so you can save at least over £100 altogether if you were to buy every single expansion. Not only does this future proof your finances, but it also supplies you with 1000’s of hours of game play. Build families, give them jobs, give them hobbies and even control who lives and dies. You play God in this super-popular game that gives you the opportunity to make your very own world.

tws2 sale3. Total War Shogun 2- The latest edition to the Total War franchise, Shogun 2 continues the warfare in Asia during the dynasty of the Samurai. Choose a province, build an army and conquer the world as you make trades, make allies, declare war and develop a civilisation in the direction you want it to. For just £6.24 (1/4 of the original price) you can have a lot of fun with this real time strategy game.

4. Fallout New Vegas- One of Bethesda’s most popular games, Fallout New Vegas allows you to explore the derelict land of post-apocalyptic New Vegas, where you search for the man who put a bullet in your head. This open world game doesn’t appeal to me, but if you like the Elder Scrolls but with guns, then for £2.49 this is a deal for you.

5. Deadlight- A game with a similar game play style as Limbo, you move throughout the world of a zombie infested city as you play as a lonely survivor. This game has an ambiance that is like no other and for just £2.49, you can experience this dark and dingy game that looks so little yet offers so much.

Be sure to vote in the community choice, where you can see either Gunpoint, Torchlight 2 or Don’t Starve featured in tomorrows sale. Check back with n3rdabl3 for tomorrows top 5 bargains featured in the Steam Summer Sale.

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