steam saleDay 5 of the Steam Summer Getaway introduced a new, and in my opinion, rather lacking batch of discounts for us to throw our hard earned cash at. Despite the negativity however, here’s my top 5 bargains from today’s sales:

dis sale

1. Dishonored- Bethesda’s fame of the year is on sale for just £5.09 with a discount of 66%.  This game is famed for its multi-optional
play style, giving you essentially free reign as to how you go about making progress. Play as a royal guard who is framed for the murder of the queen, and fight to not only bring down the actual persecutors, but also clear your name. This is a dark, gritty first person action game that you should really try.

2. Terraria- Essentially a 2D version of Minecraft, this little game gives you the ability to alter and craft a side-scroller in a way that you see fit. This game is available for £1.49, and for that price you can get a lot of fun out of it. I’d recommend getting together with a few friends for this game, because it’s a multiplayer experience that people constantly talk about in a positive light.

mp3 sale3. Max Payne 3- Rockstar’s 3rd person shooter brings you back into the world of Max Payne where he works as a security agent who is forced to save the typical damsels in distress whilst battling with some of his ongoing issues. Although this game had a few issues, for the price of £6.24, I say give it a go.

4.Wargame: Airland Battle- A real time strategy game that gives you access to 12 nations with over 750 usable units, you can have hours of fun as you generate tactics and desecrate enemies. This game is available for £14.99 and only came out recently, so jump on this deal while it’s there.

5. Killing Floor Summer Sideshow: Pier of Pain- Fancy adding to the already insane experience that is Killing Floor? Well with this expansion pack you take the zombie slaying to the circus, and use a whole new array of weapons to do so. I love Killing Floor and although the AA-12 is my perfect weapon, there’s more fun to be had on the Pier of Pain. Pick up this pack for £2.99, a massive 80% less than the original price!

Be sure to vote in the next community choice, where you can choose from Metro Last Light, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Assassins Creed 3 to be added into tomorrows sale. Check back with us at n3rdabl3 tomorrow for another top 5 bargains on Day 6 of the Steam Summer Sales.

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