steam saleDay 6 of the Steam Summer Sales have continued to grace us with Valve’s generosity in the form of cheap video games for PC gamers. Here’s my top 5 bargains featured within this lovely gift (thanks Valve):

aw sale

1. Alan Wake- For just £3.09 you can pick up the entire Alan Wake franchise! I say definitely buy this. Alan Wake is a game that is revered for it’s story and suspense, and for that price you can’t really ask for a better gaming experience.

2. Orcs Must Die 2- Have a friend you find yourself constantly playing games with? Then why not grab Orcs Must Die 2 for £2.99, 1/4 of the original price? In this you can plan your traps and fight wave after waves of increasingly difficult orc enemies that look to rip you and a magical rift to pieces. This game is perfect for a PC army of 2.

3. Sleeping Dogs- A yakuza themed GTA, you play in an open world RPG as you look to bring down the crime syndicates that plague the area, and also have some unsettled beef with our protagonist. A gritty story teller with ridiculously brutal fighting, all those who enjoy the occasional fist fight might get some enjoyment out of this (be warned, there’s a lot of fighting). Buy Sleeping Dogs with a 75% discount, with the final price totalling a very reasonable £4.99.

4. Rising Storm- The latest edition to the Red Faction series, this game gives access to the Pacific Theatre in World War 2, where you can fight in historically famous locations such as Peleliu, Okinawa and Iwo Jima. Take to the battle in new levels with all new weapons (including a personal favourite, the M2 flame-thrower) and new factions. Buy Rising Storm for half price at £7.49

atdd sale

5. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Flash Sale)- Want to scare yourselves so much that you’ll end up sleeping with the lights on? Well then
this is the game for you. I couldn’t even get through the demo, let alone the full on game (be warned of the water!). This game has been made famous because of the many reaction videos you might see online, and trust me, the reactions are understandable. It’s terrifying. Buy it now (2 hours from publishing this article- get it quickly) for £2.59

Be sure to vote in the community choice, where every 8 hours you can vote for potentially one of your favourite games (currently Sim City 4, Age of Empires 2: HD edition and Civilisation V) to be featured in the Steam Summer Sales. Check back with us at n3rdable tomorrow for a new top 5 bargains based on tomorrow’s sales.

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