steam saleOne entire week of sales to indulge in and Valve, to me, have given us the best selection so far. For the 7th time, here’s my top 5 bargains from today’s sale:

bmac sale

1. Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition- It’s about time that Batman welcomed itself into my top 5 for a change, and what a bloody good bargain it is. For 1/4 of the original price, Mr Wayne allows you to buy is open world beat ’em up story teller for just £4.99. The guy really is a generous sod.

2. Ace of Spades- Minecraft, but an FPS online multiplayer game. Do I have to say more? £1.74 will buy you an online experience that isn’t as brutal as Call of Duty, but it’s extremely close in enjoyment. With destructible pixel environments and a variety of classes to choose from, this is a nice little game to add to your Steam library.

3. GTA IV- A GTA game is always worth the investment, and when one’s on sale, that’s an opportunity you can’t really miss. £4.99 is all you need to spend to have access to the huge Liberty City where you play as Niko, and Eastern European Immigrant looking to make a new life in America. Of course in typical GTA fashion, he does so with varying degrees of violence, nudity and swearing. What’s not to like?

dir sale4. Dead Island Riptide- The sequel to the hate it-love it zombie slasher Dead Island is on sale for £17.49. Being a guy who enjoyed playing through the original Dead Island, this is a pretty attractive deal to see. With a huge focus on melee combat, the game brings the brutality of zombie slaying to a beautiful tropical island where you and a bunch of survivors look to escape the hordes. This game has had a mixed reception, but it’s still a relatively new game, so the fact that it’s 50% may be the main motivator to make a purchase. It never hurts to future-proof your Steam library.

5. War of the Roses Kingmaker (Flash Sale at time of publication)- A 3rd person medieval multiplayer game, War of the Roses takes you as far away from the generic multiplayer experience and puts you right into a completely new and foreign play style. No drop-shots, no-scopes, camping or 360 killcams to be seen in this game, all you get is sword fights galore. I hugely recommend this game for anyone looking for a new gaming experience.

Be sure to vote in the community choice, where every 8 hours you can vote to see (potentially) one of your favourite games featured in the sales. At the time of publication, you can vote for either Strike Suit Zero, Bastion and Awesomenauts. Check back with us at n3rdabl3 tomorrow for another batch of sales and opinions.

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