steam saleThe end’s here people. The spending spree is pretty much up, and now’s the time where we begin to truly appreciate what we’ve bought over the past 10 days. On this final day, Valve have presented us with what they’ve dubbed ‘Encore Day’, where they’ve put all of their best deals from the entirety of the sales onto one final day. Now really is the final chance to pick up some good games for a fraction of the price. For the last time, here’s my top 5 bargains:

walking dead sale

1. The Walking Dead- Probably my favourite game of 2012, for the last time I urge you all to get this game if you haven’t already. With a 75% discount, and a final price of £5.24, this epic story teller from Telltale is loved by all and critically revered. I love this game, and I’m pretty sure you will too.

2. Bioshock Infinite- This game’s pretty new, and that’s why it’s been featured in the top 5’s before. The latest edition to the Bioshock series is available for £17.49 at half price. Again the popularity of this game and it’s half price not only provide you with an epic gaming experience, but it also saves you that precious wonga that could be used for other games. Be smart people.

3. Kerbal Space Program- I like to create what I envisage space travel to look like, and this game grants that in thousands of different ways. Based on the shear amount of creativity and hilarity that this game provides, this is a definite buy. Get it now for £10.79.

dishonored sale4. Dishonored- It seems that all the games on today’s list are there mostly because of the critical reception. This one’s  no different. The 2012 game of the year is a real treat, and for the pathetic little price of £5.09, as long as you’ve got the specs, dive on this.

5. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords- This game isn’t a recent release, but it’s one of my favourite PC games. This was featured in yesterday’s sale, since I wasn’t around yesterday to cover it, I thought it deserved a place in today’s, because it’s still available. A fantastic RPG in the star wars universe, whether your weapon of choice is lightsabre, blaster or viroblade, all play styles are welcome. Available for £2.37, this cult classic is a steal.

I hope you all enjoyed our coverage of the Steam Summer Getaway Sales here at n3rdabl3, and stay tuned for all the best gaming news and reviews available all throughout the week. I’ll see you all again at the next Steam Sale!

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