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Ladies and gentlemen, PC gamers of the world! It brings me joy to be able to tell you that the esteemed Steam Summer Sales are now on! For those of you looking to buy some new games, now is definitely the time to add them to the shopping basket, because it’s likely that this is the best price that you’ll ever be able to grab them for.

I’ve already spotted a huge array of different deals, from 40% off the legendary edition of Skyrim, a whopping 75% the BioShock franchise, as well as Hotline Miami down to a tiny £1.79. Be sure to search every pixel within Steam space, because sure enough there’ll be a deal hidden away that you might just miss, and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

As well as welcome you all to the sales, I’ll be writing a daily post on n3rdabl3 on each day the sale’s on with recommendations of what I think are the bargains/sales/best-buys for that particular day. For those of you who are not familiar with the sales, every 24 hours a new batch of sales is made available, with the previous days ending. I’ll keep you up to date with what you should take advantage of, and what are some of my favourites throughout the sale.

Since the sales are already on, I’ll kick off the posts with today’s top 5 bargains!

1. Half Life 2- If you haven’t already had the pleasure of playing through Valves own masterpiece, Half Life 2, then now is the perfect half life saletime to grab the game and it’s 2 expansions at a reduced price. Half Life 2, Episode 1 and Episode 2 are all discounted at 50%, with Half Life 2 itself being just £3.50. Each of the expansions are available for just £2.99 a pop. Also available is Half Life: Complete, which is every single Half Life game and expansion. This is discounted at 50% and priced at £13.49. This should be a serious motivator, and I strongly recommend this game to all PC gamers.

2.  Skyrim: Legendary Edition- As I mentioned previously the full version of Skyrim, including all the DLC is available with a discount of 40%. The total price for everything Skyrim has to offer is currently £17.99. From this game the dedicated can get around 600 hours worth of gameplay from Skyrim, so for that price it’s an absolute steal!

3. Arma 2: Combined Forces- The hugely popular Arma 2 and it’s expansion are available in the sale with a reduced price of £11.38, meaning a saving of 30%. Not only does this give you access to a military simulator that is likely to challenge even the best gamers, but it also allows you to download and play the hugely popular mod Day Z. There’s so much to do with this game that it had to be in today’s top 5.

4. The Walking Dead- Telltale’s immensely popular story teller is on sale for 50%, and I will personally recommend people to play thistwd sale game, it’s incredible. This game changes people, you won’t be the same after you’ve gone through this journey with Lee and Clem, and this game is responsible for damn near making me cry. Not a lot of games have done that, so jump on this deal.

5. Portal 2- At just £7.49, you can play another of Valves masterpieces which wont leave you feeling sour. This fun game not only makes you think, but it also makes you laugh and in some cases (my case) rage quit. This quirky puzzle game is a fan favourite, and at half price, you really can’t say no to this. game, because it damn near made me cry! For just £10.49 you can go on an adventure which literally won’t leave you as the same person and it will change you, that’s how good this game is.

portal sale

Keep an eye out for tomorrows deals, and be sure to vote in today’s Community choice. The winning game will be featured in tomorrows sales, and all 3 candidates (Dishonoured, Borderlands 2 and Farcry 3) are strong contenders.

Be sure to comment what some of your favourite deals have been throughout the day, and if you disagree with some of my choices, tell me why! I’m not always right you know (But most of the time I am)!


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