steam saleDay 9 of the Steam Summer Sales and I’m still here! We’re getting close to the end of the sales, but we’ll keep on trucking forward with 5 more bargains that I feel are particularly good from the selection:

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1. Awesomenauts- One of my all time favourite games, Awesomenauts can be purchased for just £2.37. This 2D multiplayer game provides hours of fun as you battle in teams of 3 where the aim is to destroy the enemy teams core. Tactic’s, teamwork and character selection are essential if victory is to be achieved. But even for the more casual gamer, this game provides a very fun experience.

2. Eve Online- An MMO that is known for its lack of rules, EVE Online let’s you travel across space in a ship that you choose, and let’s you do pretty much anything. Whether you prefer mining, trading or questing, or other more ‘illegal’ options, like piracy and kidnapping are all allowed in the outer systems, where law enforcement is scarce. Enter the galaxy of EVE Online for £3.24, but only if you’re brave enough.

3. Fable 3 (Flash sale at time of publishing)- Fable 3 is a game that I only started playing recently, and I must say it’s a gem. The game is not only interesting and compelling, but it’s also hilarious. This game features an all star cast, and can be yours for just £3.74.

4. Civilisation V- A game that let’s you rewrite history in whatever way you want is always a fun gaming experience. If real time strategies are your sort of thing, then I’d definitely recommend this game, and the sale is the perfect time to grab it. Civilisation V’s available for £4.99, sporting a very good looking 75% discount.

mll sale5. Metro Last Light- A game known for its chilling atmosphere and ridiculously demanding specs, Last Light’s available for £20.99. Remember that this game is relatively new, and is usually found with a £35-£40 price tag, so like the CoD games featured in previous top 5’s, you may want to jump on this as a way of future-proofing yourself.

Be sure to vote in the community choice where you can (potentially) see one of your favourite games featured in the sales every 8 hours. At the time of writing this article, you can vote for either Bit Trip Runner 2, Super Meat Boy or Retro City Rampage. Check back with us at n3rdabl3 for more top 5 bargains on every day of the Steam Getaway Summer Sales.

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