In some amazing nxillia-ps3ews for us Tales of fans, Namco Bandai Games has announced Tales of Xillia 2 will be hitting western shores for a 2014 release date.

Personally, I am loving the treatment the Tales of series has been getting outside of Japan lately. It has taken a bit to get the titles, but Namco Bandai has been picking up the pace lately. It’s always good to be relieved of that fear of wondering whether that favorite Japanese game you’re looking forward to is going to be translated or not. Considering the confirmation comes before the first Tales of Xillia has even hit store shelves makes it even better.

Speaking of Tales of Xillia; where’s our limited edition Xillia PS3, Japan? Stop holding back on me.

Tales of Xillia will be landing in the west on August 9th in Europe, and August 6th in North America.

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