worms1Team 17 have recently been showing off their new PC exclusive title Worms: Clan Wars a brand new title which is set to change the way we play Worms titles, however that’s not all they have up their sleeves. Team 17 have recently announced Worms 3 a brand new old-school worms game coming exclusively to iOS.

Worms 3 will feature the usual turn based gameplay that we all know and love as well as an asynchronous multiplayer mode which allows you to play when you want to play, as well as that there’s also going to be a more classic local pass-and-play multiplayer mode – nice!

Like with Worms: Revolution, Worms 3 also features the Worms class system which includes four different worm unit classes; Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy troopers.

Like Worms: Clan Wars Worms 3 will feature a single player mode which includes 27 different missions across four themes; Beach, Spooky, Farmyard and Sewer. Along with these awesome new features there’s also the usual arsenal of new weapons for you to destroy the other team – and the environment – with such as new additions like the Nora’s Virus and the Black Hole Grenade and the return of some familair items such as the Homing Pigeon.

The added feature of Airplay means that you can take your Worm warfare onto the big screen via your Apple TV! There’s no release date for Worms 3 just yet other than a rough Q3 guideline.


[Source: Team 17]

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