Tekken Revolution

Tekken Revolution FacebookKatsuhiro Harada sent out a Tweet today announcing that the free-to-play title Tekken Revolution will be receiving three brand new, never before seen, exclusive characters that players get to choose in an Original Character Poll.

Sounds a little confusing and exciting right? Well yes, to explain things a little more Harada wrote:

“These are characters that existed previously in our undisclosed story setting materials, but have never made it into the game, or other unique ideas for characters that were proposed but never actually created. None of these characters have ever been playable in the series.”

Players will get to choose from ten concept characters which have been left un-used and forgotten about from past Tekken games. The vote will be done via a Facebook poll which will eventually be narrowed down to the three most popular characters. The characters will then be brought to life in Tekken Revolution.

Tekken Revolution is a free-to-play Tekken title which was launched on June 12 exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Feel free to check out our review – it didn’t get the most positive marks, so perhaps this poll will add something unique to the game.

[Source: Twitter via AllGamesBeta]

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Jody Lundy
Jody Lundy

Praying that the salmon makes a comeback. Hurhurhur~

Aaron Richardson

They’re characters that have never featured anywhere, ever!

Jody Lundy
Jody Lundy

I think the salmon is playable with a hack or something. I’ve only heard about it in passing.