The Indie Fix: Cities XL Platinum

The Indie Fix: Cities XL Platinum - n3rdabl3Welcome to, The Indie Fix, a staple column in which we spotlight the latest Indie titles and titles which we feel have slipped under the radar. In this column we’re taking a look at city builder, Cities XL Platinum!

Now when any gamer mentions City Building games, the game that comes to mind is SimCity. For years SimCity has been the most notable, if not probably the only, city builder sim out there which had incredible success. Cities XL Platinum on the other hand, aims to take that genre and push it further with more customization and bigger cities.

Playing a mayor of a city is pretty fun. Probably more so than in real life. Cities XL does a great job of cutting out all of the mundane paper work, rude council workers and angry residents in order to focus on planning the metropolis of your dreams. It’s a lot different to that of it’s competitors, although some of these may feel like you’ve seen it all before, much of this is different to the likes of SimCity. A wide variety of map terrains and an straight forward user interface makes it straightforward to build the city you’ve always hoped for.

If you’ve played any of the Cities titles before, you’ll probably know that this isn’t much of an addition to the franchise. Cities XL Platinum is the definitive version of Cities 2012, and although it adds more buildings and the like to the game, it has been noted as being completely the same as Cities 2011.

The Indie Fix: Cities XL Platinum - n3rdabl3But with that said, we all want a City Builder which actually works right? (I’m looking at you SimCity). Cities XL Platinum adds an in-depth management system to the mix, being able to manage resources is a pretty tough job and you’ve got to balance it right, otherwise your city will crumble. But here with this management I feel that this is where the game somewhat falls. There are issues with resources and trading, which ultimately result in your city failing and you having to start up a new one. I’ve started many Cities over and over because of this, and it feels as if I’m not spending enough time on them because of these issues which bring it down.

None the less, Cities XL is absolutely gorgeous. You’re going to need a fairly powerful setup to play it though. There are a few issues with the engine which bring down it’s overall performance, but when you’ve got your city up and running, hell does it look stunning.

If you’re looking for a City Builder Sim which isn’t SimCity. Be sure to check out Cities XL Platinum, despite it’s issues, it’s a good time-waster. Bringing your bustling metropolis to life is pretty satisfying, and all the while it makes for some pretty pleasing eye candy.

Cities XL Platinum is available on Steam now!

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